Drawing Instruction

Independent study with Matt Zywica, 2018


1•19•18 Wireframing Lesson Plan

Geometric proportional multiplication

Muse, an app for writers

Example screen sketches for Muse using proportional multiplication

Intro | Demo

Draw Session


1•19•18 Wireframing Lesson Plan FEEDBACK

Different labelling conventions
Degrees of typographic specificty

1 • 26 •18 Rehearsal and Feedback

Changed proportions of home screen

1.30.18 In class teaching!

Screen Proportion Details
Follow along demo

2.2.18 Feedback from Matt on Wireframing Lesson

2.6.18 Iterative Practive Warmup and Lesson

2.7.18 Feedback from Matt

Mathematically repeated lines can create movement in mechanical structures

2.16.18 Full Class Lesson Plan on Variational Repetition

2.27.18 Impossible Machine Sketches

2.27.18 Impossible Machine FEEDBACK

3.6.18 In Class Demo

Demo machine
Demo machine rehearsal

3.27.18 Drop Shadows

3.29.18 Drop Shadow Teaching Module

stairs and displaced square metaphor

4•3•18 Feedback on Dropshadow

4.14.18 Teaching Movement and Natural Forms

4.16.18 Micro Course Plan

Day 1: Philosophy, Geometry, Variation, Perspective

Day 2: Mechanical Forms

Day 3: Organic Forms

Assignment: Imaginary Cyborg Character Study


4.26.18 Scientific Illustration | Naturalist’s Notebook

5.4.18 Insect Notebook Lesson

insect samples provided by Professor Mark Baskinger
example sketch page



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Adrian Galvin

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